10,000 Beds

10,000 beds

I sold my house. Hal covered his candy apple red Ford 350 in a blue and white logo wrap. Now we are on a yearlong road trip for the 501c3 non-profit organization, 10,000 Beds, Inc.


We are a family affected by addiction. I am the founder of 10,000 Beds, Inc. I am the vision, the passion, and the energy behind 10,000 Beds. I manage day-to-day operations, from website to
partnerships, and am the mother of a son in longterm recovery from a substance abuse disorder. My husband, Hal, drives. He is the skill and strength pulling 15,000 lbs. around the country. He also manages the increasing number of applications submitted each day. Hal’s family has been affected by addiction on many levels for many generations.

True Story

When we sold our home in March and purchased an RV to live in while crisscrossing the United States for 10,000 Beds, we weren’t certain what to expect. Little did we know that ABC and Forbes would take notice and ask for interviews. Never did we expect Elevated Billing Solutions and Recovery Brands to reach out and subsequently become generous sponsors. But most importantly, it never crossed a mind that lives would be changed simply because we wrapped the RV (Elevated Billing Solutions sponsored the wrap of the Ford 350).

We have been on the road for 6 weeks, the very beginning of a yearlong road trip to stimulate a change in perception around addiction, defend the right to treatment, meet with new and existing
treatment program partners, and celebrate recovery. We’ve already covered 4,600 miles and been through 17 states. Along the way we’ve met many incredible people.

One afternoon in pouring rain, a family ran across a huge parking lot, in the pouring rain, to say “thank you”. They had seen “Big Blue” pull in and Google’d the 10,000 Beds website. The son was 6 months in recovery; the Dad was 12 years in long-term recovery, the sister and Mom genuinely grateful. And they were soaked.

Another day, a gentleman walking his dog could barely control his emotions as he stopped and shared his personal journey to recovery, adding his belated wish for “an organization like 10,000 Beds eight years ago when he needed help.”

Not a day goes by without someone sharing a personal story, stopping to say hello, or simply giving a “thumbs up” as they pass the 10,000 Beds truck and 5th wheel on the road. Often, it’s law enforcement slowing down to read the side of the RV, then speeding up to nod with a smile and give a “thumbs up”.

I share on the website about how this organization came to be. Please take a look. There is so much need out there and our mission is to be the facilitator between needs and resources.

We are working to connect people battling addiction with extraordinary treatment programs through donated scholarships. These treatment programs donate at least one scholarship each year.
Scholarship applicants complete a 28-question online application; 10,000 Beds screens applicants and vets programs and then brings the two together.

We will be coming to your state. Very soon! We want to meet you. And, hopefully, you want to meet us. There’s a lot we each can do to support one another.

For more information, contact Jean at jean@10000beds.org – she’s #ontheroad4recovery and would love to hear from you!

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